Five Important Benefits of Dental Implants

Out of the many tooth replacement options available in Fort McMurray, dental implants most closely look, feel, 

and function like natural teeth. Dental implants are placed into the gums and implanted into the jaw, essentially

replacing a real tooth root and crown. At Aurora Dental Clinic, a dentist in Fort McMurray, we provide 

dental implants for patients who are missing one or more teeth.

If you're trying to decide whether dental implants are right for you, then here are five 

important benefits to consider.

1) Improved confidence and self-esteem

Many people who choose dental implants in Fort McMurray do so because they want to be able to smile with 

confidence again. Feeling too self-conscious to let yourself smile naturally can put a damper on your social interactions. 

It has the potential to negatively impact your relationships and work opportunities. Dental implants, because they look 

just like natural teeth, will allow you to smile with ease again.

2) Greater support for facial structures

Dental implants can also indirectly improve your confidence by providing greater support for your facial muscles and 

bone structures, preserving the natural shape of your face and preventing sagging. When you lose a tooth, the
surrounding teeth have to work much harder to support all of those surrounding structures, leading to bone deterioration. 

A dental implant root helps to take the load off.

3) The ability to eat all of your favourite foods

It can be difficult to eat all of your favourite foods with missing teeth or with other tooth replacement options. 

Dental implants, because they function like healthy and strong natural teeth, will allow you to eat all of
the healthy foods you desire (as well as the occasional treat!). Plus, proper chewing will further contribute to 

keeping your facial bones strong.

4) Easy maintenance

While dental implants are not susceptible to tooth decay, they can become discoloured if they aren't properly cared for. 

Thankfully, you can brush and floss your dental implants just as you would your natural teeth. If you simply maintain 

good oral hygiene habits, then you'll be taking good care of your implants as well.

5) Long-term savings

Finally, when you choose dental implants from a dentist in Fort McMurray, you actually stand to save a good deal of money 

in the long term. Yes, dental implants are more expensive than other tooth replacement options on the outset, but they also last 

much longer. The root of a dental implant can last a lifetime, while the crown can last for 15 or more years if it is well

Find Out More About Dental Implants in Fort McMurray

If dental implants sound like a good choice for restoring your smile, then you owe it to yourself to find out whether or not 

you are a good candidate for dental implant surgery. At Aurora Dental Clinic your Fort McMurray dentist
will work with you to come up with the ideal tooth replacement treatment plan. For more information about dental implants

in Fort McMurray, just contact Aurora Dental Clinic for a consultation today.

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