Cosmetic Dentistry & Self Esteem

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Your Self-Esteem
Regain Confidence With Cosmetic Dentistry from Aurora Dental Clinic
Like it or not, people make snap judgments about the way we look all the time—the boss with a chipped tooth comes across as a brute, or the teacher with a gap between her front teeth seems forever adolescent.

Those judgments may not be fair, but the good news is there’s something you can do about many cosmetic dental problems.

Improve your quality of life

It’s not an exaggeration to say that a simple procedure at our Fort McMurray dental clinic can change your life. If the impression you make on your colleagues, clients and peers can change for the better, so can the outcomes of all those relationships.

  1. You’ll have a more confident smile. At our clinic, we often see people who feel like they’re missing out socially because they’re afraid to smile and show their teeth. But there are solutions for just about any kind of dental problem that’s making you feel shy about your smile. Visit our cosmetic dentistry page to learn more about the ways we can help you.
  2. You’ll feel more confident and outgoing.You know the adage, “If you look good, you feel good.” Many of our patients who come in for cosmetic dental work are self-effacing; they don’t really want you to notice them, because they’re ashamed of the way their teeth look. With just a few improvements, they leave our offices feeling renewed and full of confidence.
  3. Your gums will be healthier. How can that be, you wonder? In our experience, when patients have cosmetic dental work done, they are more inclined to take better care of their teeth. Not only that, but before we do any cosmetic work, we always make sure your teeth have had a professional cleaning and show you how to care for your gums by flossing daily.
  4. Your teeth will be stronger. Having a smile you can be proud of is a very good objective. But a worthy long-term goal is to care for your teeth so you can keep your smile bright for many years to come. Having cosmetic dentistry work done at our Fort McMurray clinic motivates you to look after your natural teeth properly. That keeps them strong and healthy and better able to support partial bridges or other restorative dental work in your later years.

You get to choose your smile
Come and visit Dr. Molano, your Fort McMurray dentist, about teeth whitening, veneers, Lumineers®, dental contouring, bonding or ceramic crowns. We will help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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