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TMD & TMJ Disorder Treatments in Fort McMurray

Do you experience a clicking of the jaw, difficulty swallowing, jaw pain, or frequent headaches? If so, you may be suffering from Temporomandibular joint disorder, or simply “TMD.”

What is TMJ Disorder?

When the Temporomandibular joint connecting your jaw and skull becomes inflamed, it can cause severe pain. This discomfort can greatly affect your life and health.

How is TMJ Disorder Treated?

Our highly trained dentists can assess your symptoms and come to a diagnosis. TMD is usually caused by grinding of the teeth (bruxism) and/or poor tooth alignment. Treatments vary from pain relief to restoration of tooth surfaces and orthodontic appliances.

TMJ disorder can have a serious impact on your life, talk to your Fort McMurray dentist about TMJ today!

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