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Teeth Whitening in Fort McMurray

Teeth Whitening in Fort McMurray

Maintaining good oral health and brushing habits is important. It goes toward prevention of staining and yellowing of the teeth. Nonetheless, teeth lose their shine and luster over time as they begin to discolour. As we age, our teeth become more porous and our enamel naturally darkens. This process is hastened by consumption of coloured beverages like wine and coffee, as well as smoking.

We offer several methods to our patients - all designed to give you the freedom to choose a teeth whitening method that works for you.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

This process is performed chairside with your teeth whitening specialist. It takes a very short period of time and yields maximum whitening results.

Kör Teeth Whitening

This process restores your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen, wearing away stains and giving you a long-lasting and deep whiteness.

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